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My car ins. had laspsed, no health ins. Not my fault rear end accident. At fault drivers ins. company estimated $300 proprty dam

Jonesboro, GA |

Im so upset. My old model chevy was rear ended as I was going to work one moring. I was sitting at a light and had just bit my brkfst and putting it down, when a lady driving a SUV hit me. I was in shock! Never been in accident b4. She jumped out her car with her cell phone in hand to see if I was ok and to tell me we didnt need to call police. My neck immediately started to hurt, and went to hosp. My bumper was pushed into trunk but not too much damage to the eyes. Ins co (hers) estimated $300.My back, neck,shoulder, numbness in hand that was prev. broken along with headaches. Im on the verge of losing my job, haven't been able to work, job is physically strenous. Im extremely depressed which something I suffered with b4 accident. My attorney seems to agree w/ her ins. Im ok. Im going nut

My attorney cant see how I ciuld have any injuries and had my chiropractor visits stopped. He told me I wouldnt get loss wages or all my Dr visits compensated. I dont know if he's working for me or the her ins. company. I am a single, working mother/student. Ive been served evictions and cant see as I told my lawyer, why anyone would fake this much hardship upon themselves. Im so disappointed and hurt. I cant sleep, I thought an attorney was supposed to fight with you not fight against you. I really dont know what to do. I just want what I deserve, thats all. This was not my fault. My lawyers office referred this chiroprartor who does what the lawyer tells him. I didnt know it worked liks that. but the chiropractor discontinued. 1 week he had me as totally disabled, after speaking to my lawyer the next wk, he dropped me saying low property damage. Im so sad I dnt wanna be like this for life.**I am in the process of gaining low income medical insurance so I may go see a medical Dr. soon, it also is a process.

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Clearly you have the wrong attorney!

First, your attorney has no right to have your medical care stopped. The doctor has to release you or you have to decide on your own not to continue the therapy-but so long as the doctor says you need therapy, you need to listen to what the doctor says. And so long as your doctor says the injuries are related to the incident in question, no matter what the extent of the property damage, then your injuries are related and a claim based on those damages should be made.

You need to change attorneys. There is no two ways about it.

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Nima Taradji

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I am only licensed in PA, so I cannot help you, but I would suggest you contact another attorney to review your case.


The entire matter of your lawyer referring you to a chiropractor and then stopping your treatment seems to present some ethical issues. It is true that the responsible insurance co. will likely not offer much in settlement due to the low amount of property damage and chiro treatment. They call these cases MIST (minor impact soft tissue) and usually defend them to trial. But minor property damage does not necessarily mean minor impact! You will need to be evaluated by a medical doctor to see if there are diagnosable underlying injuries. I understand that without health insurance this will be difficult, but otherwise it will be economically difficult for any competent injury attorney to handle your case and obtain reasonable compensation.

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