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My ca smith/ostler child support order accrues interest at 10% when late. Is that every day its late?

Tustin, CA |

My smith/ostler child support check was sent to me on time but was post dated (which I was told post dating a check is illegal to do in California) for the last day I could receive it before 10% interest accrues, it will not clear bank for nine days, being 7 business days due to the check amount being so large. Does it start accruing interest every day after the date on court order?

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It is hard to answer your question without knowing exactly what the order states. Generally, the court orders interest at the legal rate of 10% per annum (year) from the date that the installment payment was due. I have seen orders that provide a grace period, and if not paid within the grace period, then the 10% starts accruing. Again, it depends on the specific language of your order.

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