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My business credit card was stolen from my hotel room. Can I sue the hotel for emotional distress or anything else?

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A hotel maid has been convicted by the courts of stealing the credit card from the hotel room and using it. As the hotel employed her and should have vetted her in more detail, can i sue the hotel for emotional distress or anything else? My bank has refund me any loss from the card, but I now have a fear of staying in hotel rooms.

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Although the experience may have been distressing, it is not likely that you will be able to obtain emotional distress damages. If the hotel knew or should have known that this type of loss could occur and they failed to take any measures to prevent it (e.g. warning to customers, terminating a known offender, background checks, security quality control measures, etc .) then you might be able to recover any economic damages you sustained (i.e. money you lost through the ordeal). It is unlikely that you will be able to recover damages for emotional distress, no matter how upsetting the ordeal might have been. Note, it might also be possible to get a refund of the hotel charges under the theory that they failed to provide the housing that was expected.

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I feel your distress but I don't see an attorney tacking on the case. You may wish to redirect your question to a civil litigator. Good luck.


This is not a criminal question, it is instead a civil matter which should be addressed to attorneys who concentrate in that area. I'll edit your question in the hopes you get answers to your inquiry.


Consult with a local atty. I wouldnt be surprised if you cant find one. You apparently have no out of pocket damages. You might have to prove the hotel was negligent in hiring this person or in continuing to allow her to work.
Have you reqd psych therapy? Hotel might cough up some money to avoid publicity.


What was the hotel chain? No lawyer wiill take such a case but maybe the hotel can give you a free vacation for your troubles. I doesn't hurt to ask.

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You *can* sue any one for any reason, but it doesn't mean you are going to prevail. A claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress would be difficult here both given: the conduct of the hotel must be "outrageous," your damages are speculative in nature and your emotional distress may not be "severe."

I wish you luck, but I do not believe this is a case that will be worth your while. Perhaps an attorney will agree to draft a demand letter on your behalf for a flat fee.

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