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My brother was pulled over in NJ. he got a reckless driving ticket. He forgot his license in his apt in NJ.

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My brother was pulled over for swerving to avoid a parked car. he got a reckless driving ticket and a failure to possess drivers license. But the cops went back with him to his apt to get his license and he showed it to them. Is there a law (if so what is the law/statute) that says you have a certain amt of time to produce your valid license?
-an attorney in NYC

He got a ticket after producing his license to the cop and the cop still decided to give him a ticket. But I found the relevant statute. Thx. If a person charged with a violation of this section can exhibit his driver's license, insurance identification card and registration certificate, which were valid on the day he was charged, to the judge of the municipal court before whom he is summoned to answer to the charge, such judge may dismiss the charge. However, the judge may impose court costs.

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I'm not sure what you are asking exactly here? You are required to have the license on your person and can be cited if you do not. If the cops elected not to cite him because he lived close by and was able to produce then he got lucky.

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