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My brother was on a chat line met a undercover cop who give him money to buy drugs and then sent him to get bust..

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my bother just got out of jail did 3 years for gun he got out and got on the chat line to meet some females, not knowing he met a undercover cop on the chat line. after hanging with the cop a few days the cop promised him she could make him rich because just getting out of jail he didnt have any money or income, the cop then GAVE HIM MONEY to buy drugs and set him up with buyers, after doin this for 2 days the cop then GIVES my brother 1gram of heroin and 1 gram of crack cocaine and sent him to another buyer but this time the buyer was another cop an bust him, they charged him for the marked drugs and money..
is their anything we can do for him i know he was in the wrong but the police shouldnt be able to trick people like this. this was his first drug charge of his life.

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Get your brother a good attorney. It sounds like he may have a case for entrapment if she was the one who initiated things, but he will need competent legal counsel to make the argument.


Your brother may have a strong entrapment defense. Consult with some local attorneys (most offer free consultations) and get a better answer that way.


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There is only one thing you can and should do and that is to hire him a good criminal defense attorney. Depending on the exact words used and the procedure that went down he may have a strong argument. It all depends. He needs a good criminal defense attorney asap or a long prison term is in his future.

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