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My brother was hit by a car while walking, he was in a coma for 11 days, every bone on his left side was broke severe head trama

New Philadelphia, OH |

his left arm is paralized. What kind of lawyer do we need? He can not work so he can not pay a lawyer, need one that will take fee out of settlement.

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You need a quality personal injury attorney in OH. This sounds like a severe injury that would have significant value depending upon the limits of insurance, the assets of the defendant and other factors. Do NOT delay. Retain an attorney immediately. Yes. Almost all personal injury lawyers take cases on "contingency" which means that they agree to only be paid if they recover and their fee is a percentage of the amount they recover.

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You need an experienced personal injury lawyer ASAP. The injuries sound serious. Look on this site avvo for one in your area or on the internet.

Good luck.

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A local personal injury trial lawyer. Check and Avvo.

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A personal injury lawyer should be one that has taken cases to trial. A lot of lawyers say they are personal injury attorneys but do not have significant trial experience . Do a google search. For instance try ohio car accident attorney. Most personal injury lawyers will give you a free consultation. .If they want to take on your brothers case they should take it on a percentage of the recovery . So you should not have to worry about an hourly billy. I wrote a book Attorneyadvertising revealed and I'll leave the link if you want to download it at no cost. It tells you exactly how to find a great personal injury lawyer.
There is also a link to a video and download of the pain and suffering calculator in Ohio

I sincerely wish your brother a speedy recovery.

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In Ohio, there is a 2 year statute of limitations for the accident you describe. You did not give any information as to the date, so some of this information may or may not apply with regard to finding an attorney. If the injury was recent, you have the time to consult with several attorneys in order to find the one with experience and skill that will be the 'right fit'for your brother's case.

You need an experienced personal injury attorney with extensive trial experience should the insurance company refuse to pay the appropriate value for the claim. For your information, all personal injury attorneys should take the case on a contingency contract, which means that if the attorney doesn't get your brother any compensation there is no money owed to the attorney. So you dont have to worry that your brother has no money to hire the best attorney for his case.

You also want to hire an attorney who takes the time to communicate with the client. The injury that your brother sustained is very serious. You want an attorney who is skilled but who also will understand the devastating injury and future life issues your brother will face.

The personal injury attorney should give you a free, no obligation consultation. By utilizing that free consultation, you can get to know the attorney. Understand that if the 'vibe'at the first consultation just isn't there, then that attorney is probably not the one for you. AND you are not obligated to sign any documents at that initial consultation if you wish to seek a second opinion.

Our office is close to New Philadelphia if you would like to discuss your claim. Your brother needs legal counsel for this injury so you need to start your search for a lawyer quickly.

I wish your brother a speedy recovery.

Mike Gruhin,
Board Certified Ohio Workers'Compensation Specialist Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

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I agree with my colleagues. I would add, that I would search on AVVO for Tuscarawas County attorneys or contact the the Tuscarawas County Bar Association for a referral ( You will have a wide variety of personal injury attorneys to choose from and, in my opinion, 9 times out of 10, you should retain a local attorney. The law may be same in different parts of the state, but the politics are not! It is important to retain a local counsel that has strong ties and a good relationship with the court that will be hearing your brother's case.

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