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My brother was assaulted and i was the only one to see it

Ephrata, PA |

a man punched my brother and caused him severe jaw and skull damage. we had to call 911 and police and ambulance came to the scene. the person who did this run away. we have picture of the person and a number of his girlfriend. i am the only one who saw the man and i was wondering if this is enough evidence....I am positive it is him, because i run after him and he threatened me, too.

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It is clearly enough evidence. Call the police immediately and make a full report. If the police do not proceed then contact the District Attorney's Office. Good luck.


Yes, your observations are sufficient evidence. As attorney Keller noted, contact the police

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I certainly agree with Attorneys Keller and Crawford but write separately to note my confusion. You indicate that the police and ambulance responded to the 911 call. Did you not speak with police at that time? By all means contact the local police and if not satisfied speak to the DA's Office in Lancaster County. Final step would be to enlist the assistance of a local attorney skilled and experienced in criminal practice.


From your question there is certainly enough evidence to support a criminal investigation and prosecution. If you have not already contacted the police you should do so immediately.

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