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My Brother that I have not seen in years died, I do not have the money to bury him, whom is responsabile, for the buriel?

Laingsburg, MI |

Am I the one who pays because he had no assets and no burial plans?

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You are not legally responsible for the costs of his burial.

Good luck to you.

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Attorney Haber is correct, you have no legal obligation to bury your brother. If he had no assets the funeral home may make and application for funds from Medicaid to bury him, its not much but it will provide the basics.


I agree with the other responses, but I would add that you should make sure that there were no assets. Your brother may have had something that you were unaware of. I say this because you stated that you had not seen him in years. You might check with the IRS or State of Michigan to see if he reported any income. You might also have his mail forwarded to make sure that he was not receiving investment statements, etc. There are also websites you can check to make sure that he did not have any assets that are being held by the State.

If he truly had nothing, then his burial would be taken care of by the government.

James Frederick


You are not responsible for the cost of burial.

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