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My brother stole and pawned a few pieces of jewelry from someone's house and the person reported it stolen what is he facing?

Clearwater, FL |

As far as charges and what can he do? What is he going to be going through? What is he facing and how much time if any will he be looking at? He has never served time here in Florida for anything. About 15 years ago or so he was in jail up north for burglary. What can a good lawyer do for him?

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All the other lawyers have already told you he needs a lawyer right away, so I won't repeat that sound advice. What strikes me most about this fact pattern is how will the state prove your brother committed the various crimes involved here, such as burglary of a dwelling, theft, probably some kind of fraud at the pawn shop. The best thing he (and you) can do right now is keep your mouth shut and talk to a lawyer. It is amazing to me the trouble people get themselves into by talking about their misdeeds.


Depending on how good the law enforcement investigation,is, he can be looking at dealing in stolen property, grand theft if jewelry over 300 dollars and burglary if he did not have consent to be at the house. Your brother needs to retain local counsel to sort out this mess. If police contact him for questioning, he needs to assert his fifth amendment right against self incrimination. It is possible he could face jail or prison depending upon his criminal history. Although a lawyer may help him avoid incarceration.

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Talk to a criminal defense lawyer in your jursdiction immediately. Your brother is facing possible residential burglary and felony theft charges for which he could be sentenced to substantial pennitentiary time, especially in light of his prior burglary conviction. His defense attorney will review the evidence to determine the best defense in your brother's case.


If the state can prove that your brother broke into someone's house, then he can be charged with burglary of a dwelling which is mandatory prison (maximum 15 yrs). The pawning offense is called dealing in stolen property which also carries a maximum 15 years. Your brother needs to hire an experienced attorney ASAP! Good luck!


The time to get an attorney involved in his case is now. If the case is relatively new, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to intervene early with the State Attorney's Office in an effort to convince the State to either:

a.) Not file any charges against your brother;
b.) File lesser charges against your brother;

Time is of the essence. I have attached some important web links for your review.

Best of luck,
Tim S.