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My brother is in a state mental prison. He's on medication, but aware of his finances. How do I request guardianship?

Anchorage, AK |

He's in a different state from all other family and although he's on constant medication, he's cognizant of his finances ... but there is NO FAMILY MEMBER the prison has to answer to regarding his monies. We are in frequent telephone contact and visit at least three times per year, but I believe it's vital for him to have a family member associated with his monies and to have a say in the event of a tragedy. Is there a form to request a Grant of Guardianship or do I file a motion in that states court or my own state? Please advise.

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You will have to file for guardianship in the state of his residence. I'm not sure how far away that is, and the courts in that state may have a difficult time considering you as the guardian because you are a non-resident and thus they have no jurisdiction over you! Most counties have a public guardian-conservator that can be appointed for your brother