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My brother in-law was arrested by ICE and i am wondering if there is anything i can do to get him out faster.

Chester, UT |

ICE told him they were looking for someone else and when he said it was not him they checked his id and took him that night. What can I do?

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Probably found out he was illegal and took him in. Hire him e best immigration lawyer money can buy, fast! Before its too late..

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You need to hire an immigration attorney. He can contact the ICE officer in charge of your brother in law's case and see if ICE is willing to accept a bond. If your brother in law has a way to apply for legal status in immigration court and has dependents in the US, there is a very good chance ICE will agree to release him on bond.

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It depends on the underlying reason for them holding your brother-in-law. The first step is for you to hire a lawyer. The second step is for you and your lawyer to determine the basis for the hold. Then your lawyer can request a bond with ICE or if ICE refuses then he/she can file a motion for bond redetermination with the immigration judge.

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