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My brother in law got sentence to do 16 months, he was on formal probation for felony case ,in county jail,

Los Angeles, CA |

How much total time will he do, does he qualify for early kick out

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It depends on the jurisdiction but he'll do the 16 plus whatever he had left on the felony prior to release. It depends on what his convictions were for and the jurisdiction to determine if he can get out early but it feels like he was just sentenced to his second felony so he might be away for a while.

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In addition to what my colleague has indicated - He will get day-for-day time credits as long as he behaves while he is in custody. In other words, he will have to serve 8 months actual time in custody.


As already stated, he will qualify for half time, so long as he doesn't violate while in custody, and as long as he has no strikes. If he had pre-sentence time in, he will get credit for that. And Los Angeles county is doing early kick out for some people, but it's impossible to tell you if he qualifies. It's up to the jails and on a case-by-case basis.

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