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My brother got arrested for a dwi f but he doesn't have a driver licese yet , how this can affect him on getting his DL?

Houston, TX |
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It is not his license that will be suspended, but his "privilege" to apply for one. If he were caught driving without a license before being convicted, he would be charged with "unlicensed driver." However, if he were caught driving after his conviction, he would be charged with "driving while suspended or revoked" (even though he has never had an actual license).


His privilege to drive will be suspended if he failed, or refused, the breath test. In addition, if he is finally convicted of DWI, his privilege will be suspended. If he has had an alcohol related contact within the past 5 years, even if he is not convicted of the DWI, his privilege will be suspended.

He needs a lawyer.


Two things are at play here - his future ability to get a license and what will happen on the DWI case he was arrested on? In Texas, the statute is written so that the privelege to drive is suspended - that way people without a licenese are punished the same as people with one. He will have ramifications on his license for driving without one and also if he is convicted of the dwi. All this will also affect his abilty to get insurance when he does become albe to drive. So, you should get a good lawyer to help.