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My brother and sisters sued the company that my father work for 21 yrs ago for the wrongful death of my father I never got my sh

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You have not supplied sufficient information to be able to receive a reliable answer. For example, from your post it is impossible to tell whether the suit was 21 years ago, or that your father worked there 21 years ago, and died more recently. Generally, there are time limits for bringing lawsuits; on the other hand, as it does appear from your post that your siblings successfully obtained some recovery from their action, there are statutes that define what action can be maintained, and who is entitled to be included in that litigation. If your siblings intentionally did not disclose the claim they made, you may have some legal rights of recovery against the. You should consult a local lawyer experienced in wrongful death lawsuits.

Please remember, however, that specific questions entail specific facts as to which an experienced lawyer can give you reliable advice. Both my and other lawyers' answers to questions on Avvo are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship; nor should they be considered legal advice. They also are simply responses to the questions that are posed, and do not necessarily address every circumstance in your particular situation. Your best approach may be to contact a lawyer directly through Avvo, and have a consultation at which time you can provide complete details.


Did a settlement or court award come in? Contact the attorney who is handling the case and find out the status. If you have no success, consult with a personal injury attorney in the city where the lawsuit was filed.

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You need to contact a local attorney regarding this issue. It is impossible to say anything further based on the information provided.

The above information posted by Thomas J. Pivnicny, Esquire is intended for general purposes and does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create any attorney-client relationship. You should not rely on the above information for any purpose. Always consult with an experienced attorney for answers to your legal questions.


Your father would be upset to see his children fighting over this It's very simple. Go to the courthouse in your county. Have them find the paperwork from the case. See who represented the Executor or the Administrator of your dad's estate. Call that attorney and ask him or her what happened. Good luck

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Get a local experienced lawyer on it right away. Maybe just "reminding" your siblings will be enough.

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