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My boyfriend was sentenced to 90 days and I was trying to see when does that 90 days start ? When he goes in or after court ?

Shreveport, LA |

He went in on March 26,2012 and its now March 30,2012 , I know he can shorten his time to 45 days. But, How long do I have to wait until he is out again. We stay in Shreveport, Louisiana

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In short, jail time calculation runs from when person is in jail. Yet, there several things that could ultimately reduce the amount of time that he serves. For example, a person is usually given credit for all time already served on that charge. Further, depending on the particular jail and what happens while the person is incarcerated, sometimes a person can have the time actually reduced through "good time" calculations or other programs, such as work release programs.



Does his parole officer say how long he has? His probation officer hasn't visited nor accepted any of his calls since he has been in there. We are trying to move to Texas in May but don't want to leave without him.


Your boyfriend knows the exact date--the jail will inform him of his release date. If you visit him or he calls you, tell him to ask the jail staff.

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