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My boyfriend was order to 60 days in jail by a judge. Two days later, the city filed an order that he be released from custody.

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The prosecutor switched judges at last minute. The new judge ordered him to 60 days for a probation violation. The judge that had been on the case from day one order that he be release from custody immediately. Now he has "status conference" in 3 weeks. Will be still owe the remaining days in jail?

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I've got to say that the scenario you mentioned is unusual in my experience and it is hard to say what may happen. I suggest that your boyfriend show up at the status conference. If he doesn't he will have a warrant issued for his arrest and he will make things worse for himself. Since the judge familiar with the case released him, maybe he thought the sentence was too harsh. No matter what an attorney needs to help him on this one. Typically a person hires an attorney or the court will provide a public defender if he cannot affort to hire his own.


Hire an attorney and he will find out which judge actually is handeling the case, its going to be with one judge. Depends on exactly waht the violation is and which of the judges he gets.

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