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My boyfriend was arrested this morning at court, they got him for probation violation, i have been trying to drop charges,

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how do i get him out of jail? He has less than 2 years on probation, and the charge is a misdemeanor, and he was arrested for damaging a tire on my car that was actually his personal property

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You need to hire an attorney.

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You can't get him out of jail. Generally a person arrested for a probation violation will not get a bond and that person will be held until there is a hearing to determine if probation was, in fact, violated. He needs a lawyer to represent him at that hearing. With less than 2 years remaining on his sentence, If he is revoked, even for a technical violation, the court could revoke the balance of his probation.


He has a valid defense, but he'll need an attorney to show proof that he didn't break the law by damaging his own property.


He will need an attorney to represent him on both matters. The judge has the authority to revoke the balance of his probation for a misdemeanor violation (since he has less than 2 years left). If he can prove that the tire was his, he is not guilty of criminal trespass for damaging it. However, it is going to take more than just your testimony to convince a judge that it was his tire and not yours. An attorney can help gather all the documentary evidence available to prove this fact.


The charges aren't yours to drop. The officer took the charges based on whatever you told him. With your boyfriend on probation they will use this as their chance to get rid of him by revoking his probation and sending him to prison.

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