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My boyfriend was arrested in Las Vegas and he lives in Pa the arrest was my fault due to my mental illnesses . What will happen?

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While on vacation my boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence . I'm schizapharnic and have manic episodes and I drank while on meds and fell on the floor . He was trying to detain me and I was screaming so hotel security came in . I do not remember my statements . I told them not to arrest him and they did
This is his first offense . I wrote out an affidavit stating my medications and mental illness and told them he did not harm me which he did not . Will that help ? Also does he have to go to Vegas for court ? Can they get rid of the arrest record immediately ? And can they give us a sooner court date then July because he cannot work at his job until he has documentation of being not guilty . Please help

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There are many arguments that can be made here to the da. Your bf will not need to appear as long as you retain a Nevada attorney to handle the case.


This is a common scenario in this type of case. The DA's office will screen the police report and other reports (your statement given to the police) prior to your boyfriend actually facing actual criminal charges. There are still many ways to ensure that your boyfriend does not end up with a battery domestic violence conviction on his record. Your best option is to consult a Nevada criminal defense lawyer who has handled these types of cases.


You need a Nevada attorney, and quickly.

Sometimes prompt attorney action can result in a DV charge not even being filed by the court (at the screening level with the DA).

My partner handles these on a regular basis.


There are strategies to win cases like this or get the charges dismissed. But there are a number of questions I would have for you. Did the security personnel witness contact between you and your boyfriend? Were there any other witnesses? I have gotten charges involving out of state victims dismssed time and time again. Once the case is dismissed, your boyfriend can seal his record and wipe away all evidence that the arrest occurred. It is possible he may not have to travel back here, although hemay need to be here to getthe case dismissed. And no, the court date cannot be moved up. Please feel free to call on me for a free consultation. (702) 471-0321

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