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My boyfriend owes approx. $2000 to the court and he can't pay it. What are his options?

Santa Ana, CA |
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For fines related to a misdemeanor, such as DUI, he can convert the amount he owes to community service ($8.50 per hour, I believe) or jail ($30 per day in Los Angeles County). He can also request an extension of the due date for payment of such fines.

For those fines related to infractions, he cannot convert the fine to jail time, but often he can convert it to community service.


Contact the court to arrange payments. Otherwise contact his attorney to discuss options. Good luck.

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In this case, either he can be placed in payment plan or he can go back to court and request either community service or serve time. They are not about to forgive $2000.


He can potentially convert some if the fines to jail time, community service (possibly) or set up a payment plan. Unfortunately, his license is likely suspense for failure to pay and the hold on his license won't be lifted until he pays it all off.

You're better off borrowing from a friend or family member so you can get your license back than do payments to the court that will hold up your license.
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