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My boyfriend is on probation. If I am home and he is not can his probation officer still come in the house?

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Probation has wide discretion to act, including unannounced home visits. That said, you have a legitimate security concern. You and your boyfriend should address this concern with his PO, and if necessary, the PO's Supervisor. be advised, however, that failure to grant access to the home may constitute a VOP (violation of Probation).


The probation officer has a lot of leeway in terms of unannounced visits, not letting him in can lead to a violation of parole for your boyfriend. If you have a real issue with your safety discuss this with the parole officer and/or his superiors.

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It depends on the terms of his probation. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


My colleagues have it right. The PO has the right to search the residence of the probationer.


The short answer is "Yes" at least in Pennsylvania. Probation/parole officers have a broad range of power which includes entry and search of a probationer/paroles's residence.


A probation officer can search your boyfriend's residence pretty much any time. The PO can go to search his residence for drugs, alcohol, guns or anything else that would violate the rules of probation. Your boyfriend does not have to be there while the search is being conducted

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