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My boyfriend is not a registered sex offender. but has a criminal offense and no association w minors.

New Philadelphia, OH |

i have children of my own and so does he. we lived as a family before his conviction and my children have nothing to do w his offense. the charge was contributing to the delinquency of a minor. is there any way around this

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More information is needed. Get around what? Is someone saying he can not live with you? Is the Father threatening you to notify someone?



he contributed to a minor, served a sentence and is on probation. the probation officer states he can not live in our home. even tho we are planning on getting married. he was told he will not be able to live here or be here, because that is not his biological child. as for the my child's father, no.


Although your question does not explain this, I assume this is your boyfriend's probation order. If so, he should speak to his lawyer from that case (or another experienced local criminal defense attorney) about whether he can make a motion to modify his probation terms. If the court grants a modification permitting him to reside with his children and yours, there will be no problem. Otherwise, he must strictly obey his probation orders, or he could receive more punishment.