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My boyfriend is jail for two different chargers one there is bail two there a bench warrant and i need a lawyer

Pomona, NY |

well my boyfriend got arrest sunday afternoon, i have no clue why. bail is set to 2500. and we keep trying to get him out, he has court date tomorrow at 10 , what can the judge do. lower the bail let him go or what ? About the bench warrant in Ramapo. If we post bail he gets ship to there and what next other court date or they held him and have him pay up his fees, or do they sent him back to jail. Im not really sure why he has a bench warrant thought this is coming form a 1yr ago. he claims he paid off his ticket for it and went to court but yet its still in the system? so confusing to me i just want everything to be done so he can come back home

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Posting bail in the local case is not going to get him out of jail. He will simply be picked up by the other jurisdiciton and held in their jail on the bench warrants, and I would expect the bonds on the bench warrants to be prohibitively high. Additionally, as soon as you post bond for him he won't get out of jail due to the bench warrants and he will stop accumulating credit on the local case. Therefore, you would be doing him no favor and actually hurting his accumulating jail credit on the local case. You should at the minimum wait until the bench warrant situation is straightened out before considering posting bond for him on the new charge. Right now he it sounds like he needs an attorney more than anything else.