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My boyfriend is in jail for residential burglary how much time is he looking at?

Yakima, WA |

It is his first offense. He has already been in there for 30 days. He has trial court soon, he is also placed in trustees will this lower his sentence? Is his time already counting for his sentence or will they just start counting from the day of his trial court?

Is there a chance that he can get released early and just be put on probation?

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Three to nine months. He'll get credit for time he's already doing.


Residential Burglary is a Level IV offense so - with no priors, no enhancements, and no other current offenses - he should be facing 3-9 mos in custody. He will get credit for any time he has been held on this case. He needs to talk to his lawyer about what he can expect, the strengths and weaknesses of his case, and whether there have been any plea offers. Only he can decide whether to PG or go to trial AFTER talking with his lawyer. Best of luck!

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