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My boyfriend is in jail for failure to appear is there anyway if i showed he jus recently started working he can get out

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my name is samantha im 7 months pregnant my boyfriend was just recently arrested on warrants he had for fines he had the one schedualed for another fine review but there holding him for another one. He couldnt pay on them for awhile because he didnt have no way to with his criminal history was hard for him to get a job, than he started working through temp agency. I also have problems to which its hard for me to take care of myself i dont know how to cook, ect. he does those things for me. i was wondering if maybe i took proof of his pay stubs if that would help or if somehow could get help for him to get out so he dont lose his job to pay on his fines and so he can be there for me and my baby and be there for support

his charge for the one there holding him on is contributing to minor that he owes fines on its from like 2009 and he was having trouble findign way pay it i dont know what im supposed to im on ssi, im 7 months pregnant i dont want him to miss the birth of our son

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Having a job is not a reason to miss a court appearance. Many people lose their jobs after a court jailed them, sentences them to prison, etc. A court might be more sympathetic in reinstating bond if there was a good reason why the last court appearance was missed.

Conducting a bond hearing is best done by an experienced criminal defense attorney. The defendant should find an attorney and tell that attorney, in confidence, every reason why he missed the court appearance. A skilled lawyer making a good argument in front of the court is the best chance to have his bond reinstated, released from jail, and also to hopefully craft a defense to the accusations and/or negotiate a reasonable plea bargain to resolve the case with the least amount of punishment.


What you do is you either pay off his fines for him or post a bond which would most likely be for the same amount as his fines. The best thing would be to hire an attorney who can argue with the judge why he gets jail credit for $50/day towards his unpaid fines. I have done this numerous times. Good luck.

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