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My boyfriend is co sponsoring my mom to get either her green card or citizenship and he files for bankruptcy will it affect her?

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My mom is applying for her either green card or citizenship i am the main sponsor and my boyfriend is the co sponsor he recently filed for bankruptcy and my mom is already in the process she has her appointment to get her fingerprints taken next month. Will it affect her application or her not getting it because of the bankruptcy

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It shoudn't.

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To sponsor someone with immigration requires the person to show that they have enough assets to be responsible for the immigrant to prevent them from becoming a public charge. What that means is if they go to the hospital, the sponsor has them covered with medical insurance or can pay cash for the hospital bill. Whether your boyfriend has that kind of money would be a question of fact that would not have anything to do with whether or not he filed bankruptcy in the past.

But if you really love this guy, don't ask him for this kind of favor. It will ruin your relationship & it sounds like he already has problems aplenty! Hope this perspective helps!