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My boyfriend has written a lot of bad checks and has finally got arressted. Its his first offence, no prior felonies.

Camden, NJ |

He has been writing bad checks for past few months. finally got caught. they arrested him. Will he be released the day he was arrested? will he have to wait to see video court? how much will his bail be? how much percentage of bail will have to be paid? what will he get charged with ? can it be downgraded? will he be able to get misdemeanor and probation? will he serve jail time? PLEASE HELP ASAP

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All of these depend on many factors. How many bad checks. For how much. What county, ETC. You should consult with an attorney to address these issues so you can present ALL of the facts and get the answers you seek.

Attorney answers to questions are for general purposes only and do not establish an attorney-client relationship. There are always specific facts that are important for an attorney to review before providing advice to a Client. In no way should you rely on the response provided herein to conduct your legal affairs on your own. You should always hire an attorney before you rely on advice provided.


More information is needed toanswer the questions. The amount of the checks, what he is doing outside, etc. Normally bail , if any, will be with a 10% feature meaning 10% cash will make the bail.

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