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My boyfriend has been charged with 2 counts of robbery 2 counts of criminal action and resisting arrest what may happn?

Saint Louis, MO |

he was already on probation for 3years and now they may put out an probation hold ..what d I expect to happn?he has an public defender but I don't think they help much...the robbery was 1st degre

we have our first baby on feb 20 I need him to be there with me an he wants to can some body please help we don't have lots of money I have 500$ to start with its just me to get him out he all I have and I don't think a public denfender will get the job done please help us

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Life consecutive to Life consecutive to Life consecutive to four years in the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC). Life is calculated at 30 years. Robbery First carries an 85% mandatory minimum sentence before parole eligibility. Armed Criminal Action carries a three year mandatory minimum before parole eligibility. Therefore, your boyfriend, if maxed, could receive 124 years in the MDOC. The controlling sentences would be from the two counts of Robbery First. He would be eligible for parole after serving 85% of the sentences imposed on the two counts of Robbery First. Further, the probation could end up being an additional sentence. Some of the best attorneys I know are public attorneys. Do not knock them just because they have the title of P.D. Only knock them if they are not returning your boyfriend's calls, explaining the charges to your boyfriend, explaining the evidence to your boyfriend, etc.

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I agree with Mr. Fry. Have faith in the Public Defender System, as those attorneys become experts in that specific jurisdiction, working with those specific Judges and Prosecutors on a daily basis. However, and more importantly, your boyfriend needs to talk to his Public Defender about the maximum sentence possible in his case because, while attorneys on this online forum can tell you the statutory sentence for the charges generally, other factors specific to your boyfriend's case and criminal history may actually enhance that penalty and change that maximum. So long as your boyfriend is forthcoming with his attorney, his attorney should know those specific facts and factors and can better answer that question. Remember, any answers on this public forum should not be taken as legal advice for that specific reason and you should not share those case-specific facts on here.

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He will likely go to prison. Sounds like he will get revoked. If found guilty on the new charges, he's looking at a long term.

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