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My boyfriend has an immigration holed this is his second felony

North Hills, CA |

my boy friend is 22 he has been here since he was 5 months old he is a legal resident
this is his 2 felony he was charged with driving without consent and vandalism he got a year. His release date got reduce about 4 months but now he has a hold he has no violence on his record and he was in school about to finish a physical therapy aid program when he went in. What can i do?Also if we get Married whale he's in jail can they still have a hold on him

also has no drug charges agents him or sex offenses he has only been arrested for vandalism because he is a graffiti artiest hope this additional info can help anybody to answer

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Attorney answers 1


First, I want to point out that it was very smart of you to seek legal advice about this issue because your boyfriend's case appears very complicated. Second, I should warn you about what you disclose on this site could possibly be viewed by the government, which may be in the process of attempting to deport your boyfriend or place him in removal proceedings. That being said, you should meet personally with an immigration attorney who also handles criminal matters for immigration clients. This is not a simple issue; therefore, there is not a simple answer. If money is an issue, seek an immigration attorney who provides free initial consultations and take as much documentation and information as you can when you go to meet the attorney. Finally, I'd like to point out that marrying your boyfriend will not solve the matter completely, but it could prove to be helpful. The same applies for your boyfriend's education and prospective occupation and the fact that he's been living in the United States since he was five years old. Again, these factors do not solve the problem, but may help the situation.