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My boyfriend has a grand larceny charge of 20,000 and intent B&E I knew about it am I still in fault?

Detroit, MI |

they have a warrant for my arrest am I going to do jail time for this even though I did not commit the crime? and how long will he have to go to jail?

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You need to consult a Criminal Defense Attorney first before you post on this public forum of which your prosecutor may be reading, any incriminating statements. The answer to your question depends on the evidence the State has to make you as a party to the offense.


The charge against you is very serious and the maximum possible sentence is prison time; however, there is no way to tell if you will go to jail or not based upon the very limited information you provided. Additionally, you should NOT make admissions on the internet or anywhere else. Anything you say (or type) can and will be used against you. Whether you are convicted or have to serve time in jail are highly complex issues and even the most experienced Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney would need time to have a detailed consultation with you, investigate your case and review the evidence against you before he or she could determine what you potential exposure may or may not be.

I encourage you to use to find a 10.0 rated criminal defense lawyer. Most retained criminal defense attorneys will offer you a free telephone consultation.

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Hire a defense attorney ASAP as it sounds like you have a defense.


You need to hire an attorney to review your case and determine what evidence they have against you and fight hard to beat your case. Just because your boyfriend did something, does not mean you are automatically guilty as well. There are probably a number of defenses your attorney can assert on your behalf. Call an attorney to schedule a time to turn you in on the warrant and get you a low bond. Don't wait until the police decide to just pick you up one day - that will lead to a higher bond. Good Luck!

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