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My boyfriend had simple battery chargers filed on him last year and we got into an argument in march and the neighbors called th

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the cops and I told the officer I just wanted to keys to my house and my car back and come to find out they arrested him for domestic violence and I do not know what I need to do to get the charges dropped?Can you or someone give me some advice..Thank you

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Only the prosecutor can drop the charges.

You need counseling. Domestic Violence 24hr crisis line: 1.800.915.0045 . That number is to 'The Haven'. Obviously you are in a repeat violence situation. Domestic violence is a cycle.

The Cycle of Domestic Violence

In 1979, psychologist Lenore Walker found that many violent relationships follow a common pattern or cycle. The entire cycle may happen in one day or it may take weeks or months. It is different for every relationship and not all relationships follow the cycle—many report a constant stage of siege with little relief.

This cycle has three parts:

Tension building phase—Tension builds over common domestic issues like money, children or jobs. Verbal abuse begins. The victim tries to control the situation by pleasing the abuser, giving in or avoiding the abuse. None of these will stop the violence. Eventually, the tension reaches a boiling point and physical abuse begins.

Acute battering episode—When the tension peaks, the physical violence begins. It is usually triggered by the presence of an external event or by the abuser’s emotional state—but not by the victim’s behavior. This means the start of the battering episode is unpredictable and beyond the victim’s control. However, some experts believe that in some cases victims may unconsciously provoke the abuse so they can release the tension, and move on to the honeymoon phase.

The honeymoon phase—First, the abuser is ashamed of his behavior. He expresses remorse, tries to minimize the abuse and might even blame it on the partner. He may then exhibit loving, kind behavior followed by apologies, generosity and helpfulness. He will genuinely attempt to convince the partner that the abuse will not happen again. This loving and contrite behavior strengthens the bond between the partners and will probably convince the victim, once again, that leaving the relationship is not necessary.

This cycle continues over and over, and may help explain why victims stay in abusive relationships. The abuse may be terrible, but the promises and generosity of the honeymoon phase give the victim the false belief that everything will be all right.

Please get help!

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So, you want him back in the house in spite of it all? Perhaps you should allow him and yourself a cool off period. You should contact the number suggested in the above post. Love shouldn't be unkind. In addition did you put the charges on him or did someone else? Either way get out of the situation.

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