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My boyfriend got caught with a pound of weed with intent to distribute and is out on bail what will happen when he goes to court

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Depends on if he has an attorney or not. HIs first hearing is the arraignment they will arraign him with charges and take his plea but won't or shouldn't do it until he has an attorney.

This is just my opinion and not a comprehensive answer. You assume the risk because this answer may not apply to your situation depending on the facts.


His weed card as you put it does not entitle him to have a pound of marijuana. The state imposed limts apply and they are considerably less than a pound. Frankly a pound sounds like possession with intent to distribute. If that's the charge his weed card won't help him. He needs a lawyer.


Specifically what will hapen will depend on a number of factors. The Da and the Court's attitude, in particular, as well as any past or prior record and , if there is one, its nature. Generally, boyfriend will be advised of his rights and generic consequences via a mass advisement of rights method. When j=his cse is clled he will be asked what he pleads and what he wants to do about his case. As to a plea, should not do that until after he has consulted with an attorney. He has the right to an attorney.
If he has the means to hire an attorney, he should do so before court if possible. If he has means but cannot complete the process of retaining counsel, he should request the arraignment be continued a reasonable time to permit him to hire his counsel of choice.
If thecourt requests a time waiver , decline. He wants to avoid the possibility of any confusion that he has entered a general time waiver. He has the right to a continuance.
If he cannot fford counsel, ask for the public defender and follow his her directions.

The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.


The question is your boyfriend out on bail for? It is quite possible that if he was out on bail for a felony and he is being charged with another felony, he will be held with no bail.

He has a card, but it is highly unlikely that he is entitled to a pound as an individual. There are not enough facts here to determine whether he was part of a coop, a collective or a care giver. He needs to contact a criminal defense attorney who has experienced in medical marijuana matters.

I'm a criminal defense attorney in Long Beach, who has represented numerous medical marijuana matters in state and federal court. Please look at my website at to determine if I may be of some assistance.

Michael K. Cernyar

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