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My boyfriend got arrrested for a handgun and drugs are there attys that do pro bono work for cases like these?

Lawrence, MA |

He was arrested for drugs and a handgun , police officers searched his room but didnt show him a search warrant, when he asked to be shown the search warrant they told him to shut up

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At your boyfriend's arraignment, he will have to complete an interview with probation to determine whether he qualifies for a court appointed lawyer at low cost or no cost. The judge will then appoint a lawyer of he qualifies.


If your boyfriend cannot afford an attorney he can ask the court to appoint him a lawyer. He would be interviewed by the Probation Department to see if he qualifies for an appointed lawyer. If he does qualify financially the court would appoint him a lawyer. There are some great lawyers that take appointed cases.
Other than that you can ask individual lawyers if they would take the case for free, I however don't think that you will have much luck.


I don’t practice in your jurisdiction but I don’t think that there are attorneys who would take on a criminal case bro bono. This is, basically, because if a defendant cannot afford an attorney one would be appointed to him by the court at no cost. If your boyfriend doesn’t qualify for a free lawyer, you may want to reach out to the local bar associations and see if they can provide you with a listing of attorneys who would be willing to handle the matter at a reduced fee/rate.


If he cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint one to represent him at a nominal (usually $150) fee.

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