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My boyfrend got arrested for a DUI and immigration put a hold on him. What will happen after court?

San Diego, CA |

He has lived here illegally his whole life and has never been in trouble before. I just want to know the chances of deportation for this situation and if its bad that ICE has picked him up already.

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You should address this question as an immigration matter, as it deals with deportation more than it does with the DUI. The fact that he is here illegally is why they are most likely wanting to deport him and not because he got a DUI.


It sounds like you are asking about the immigration consequences and not the criminal consequences for DUI, so please repost your question to the immigration law section.
good luck!


The fact there is an immigration hold on him preventing him from being bailed out on the DUI charge is concerning, as is his illegal status. Since he is here illegally, he is going to need a good immigration attorney and/or a miracle.

Good Luck!

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