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My boxer broke out of his collar and bit another dog.

North Charleston, SC |

Walking my boxer & chihuahua--chi ran after another dog being walked by an off duty police officer. My boxer got out of his collar & went after the officer's dog biting it. I got a hold of my dog (after he bit the other dog & the officer kicked my dog), & held him. The off duty officer asked for my name, phone #, address. I gave him those & said I would pay any vet bill, then gathered up my dog in my arms & headed to my house. The officer followed me up into my yard asking to see my driver's license. I asked him why he had to see that, I & my mother who was with me (walking chihuahua) asked him to get off of our property. After we asked several times to leave, he waved his badge saying "I am the police!" He wouldn't leave so I called the police. Did he have to leave my property?

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Yeah, but you will have to pay the vet bills


Maybe, but as my colleague pointed out, you will still need to pay the vet bill. And you better hope the dog was not a police dog.

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