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My boss threatened me & is trying to frame me w illegal activity, how can I protect myself until I can find another job & apt.?

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Fmr fellow employee just warned me my boss of 10 yrs who has threatened me b4 & said he would get me to quit is actively planning to ruin my life by framing me w theft or other illegal acts. I knew he was hateful & had it out for me & told me as much to my face, but didn't know he would go this far. They also said that my boss called my landlord to cause trouble & guess what I just got an eviction notice after 5 yrs at same place. I am afraid to go back to work thinking of what evil he has planned. Had good reviews until this yr when I had MEDICAL PROBS. I'm over 50 & it's very hard to find a FT job but am trying b4 he does something. Has already tried IAM SCARED. HELP! Said he would ruin my life and unempl and future empl. think he would plant $ drugs etc in my stuff even PROTECT ME PLZ

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There are multiple, important issues that come to mind with your question. Essentially, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Given your circumstances, you should not rely, solely, upon the advice given on this site or any other, as such is not privileged communication, and these types of cases are very fact specific. While an employer can terminate an employee for any reason or no reason, as long as it is not an unlawful reason, an employer cannot knowingly and wrongfully accuse you of illegal activity in order to "ruin" you. Additionally, being that you are over 50 and would possibly be considered as having a disability, the motivation behind your employer's actions could possibly be considered discriminatory. Again, only by consulting an attorney in your area will you be able to investigate this matter further. The eviction also poses some problems assuming that you were a good tenant that was up to date on rent.

I would suggest that you meet with an attorney, immediately, without waiting for the threatened actions to actually take place.

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