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My boss suddenly fired a co-worker and now says that it's a violation of the law if co-workers discuss the firing.

Palmer, MA |

The employee shared a portion of her dismissal letter with the remaining staff, but my boss is implying that any discussion of the person or the firing is illegal.

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No such general law. I have no idea what the basis of the assertion

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In compliance with the law and our personnel policy, Ms. ABC's departure is not to be discussed with other employees, patrons, board members, or the community at large. Is the wording that was used. I feel the director is trying to intimidate us with this wording.


The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) gives employees the right to talk with each other about the terms and conditions of their employment. In other words, it is illegal for your employer to try to intimidate you to not talk about the situation. The National Labor Relations Board enforces the NLRA. I've posted a link to the NLRB's Boston office below.

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I believe your employer is overreaching.

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