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My boss lied to get me fired & then lied to EDD so my unemployment benefits were denied. Can I do anything about it?

Huntington Beach, CA |

My boss & her Dept had a very bad reputation when I joined company(non-responsive, missing deadlines,saying no if any little piece missing from request).I am the complete opposite,always helpful & do whatever it takes to make things happen regardless of fault. Other Depts praised me as the best worker (in writing) & my boss started targeting me to get in trouble. Writing me up for being late (but not writing up co-workers who were habitually late) when I got a final warning I was never late again. I asked to leave early to go to a funeral if all my work was done in time. She said "Sounds good" & it was on the calendar. She then told HR I left the office without permission so I was "Involuntarily Disharged" & told I could collect unemployment. EDD denied b/c she said I "abandoned my job"

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Most employer/employee relationships in California are based on the employment-at will doctrine, meaning that either the employee or employer may terminate employment for any reason, at any time. However, if your supervisor did lie to HR and EDD about you abandoning your job when actually she gave you permission to leave, and that action resulted in your loss of job and unemployment benefits, you may be able to establish a claim for defamation.

You should consult an attorney to determine whether you have a claim for wrongful termination, a tort claim for defamation, or both.