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My boss is in custody facing assault 1 and 2 charges.

Tacoma, WA |

He alledgedly fired rounds toward 2 cars on the road at the base of his driveway. he claimed he was robbed at home according to prosecutors statement. I manage a portion of his business and there are of course checks that need to be signed for payroll and bills. Also I'm not sure he has retained a lawyer. How do I help find him a lawyer for a case like this, and what can be done to get some business obligations ie. payroll and bill payments to wa state until (if) he should post bond? (It's rather high)

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As to issue No.1, there are several highly qualified attorneys who participate on this website. Hopefully one or more of them will respond to your inquiry. If they do I recommend that you reach out to them to discuss the situation. Most criminal attorneys offer free if limited initial consultations. Take advantage of that opportunity and talk with them. My recommendation concerning carrying on the business in his absence, in addition to addressing that with local counsel who respond to this question, you might repost on that aspect alone under a more apt practice area designation like business. Good luck.


My firm routinely handles violent crime/felonies and our office is in Tacoma. Try to visit him in jail and bring with you a power of attorney for him to sign, to give you authorization to run his business and sign checks on his behalf. If you're not granted visitation, you'll probably need to go through a lawyer for this (as the jail is required to give inmates a chance to meet with their lawyer).

Your boss needs a lawyer immediately, even if it's a public defender. A lawyer can start acting on his behalf, investigating the allegations, preparing defenses, and make a strong argument to the court to lower bond so your boss can bail out. The sooner this starts happening, the better your boss's chances of getting a favorable resolution.

William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


To restate a part of my original response: contact Mr. Kertchen's office immediately to start the process of helping your boss. Again, good luck.


Contact a criminal defense attorney to visit him in jail. Your boss can then decide if he wants to hire this lawyer or some other lawyer.

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