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My boss has not paid me for all of my work hours. what kind of legal action can I take?

Chicago, IL |

I've been working at this company on and off for ten years. this current period I've been here for just over a year and my boss on at least five occaisions has neglected to pay me for some of the hours I have worked. example, he did not pay me for Christmas day, and has failed to add those hours to my next check. I know for a fact that my co-workers are having the same problem. These lost wages have caused me to take out advances from my bank putting me deeper into debt. I just want to know what type of action I can take to prevent this from happening to us again.

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Based on the above, you are entitled to the wages you worked. Try to work it out with your employer, keep written records. If he tells you to go pound sand, get an attorney who concentrates in labor law. Avvo has a nice list, as will your local bar association. Best of luck.

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