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My boss has cut my hours because he thinks I went to the department of labor on him. What can I do, he even admitted to it.

Memphis, TN |

We were investigated by the department of labor. It was proven that he owed money, and I received some of it. Now he cut me down to 16 hours a week.

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This sounds like it could be either of two issues or both. First it could be an adverse employment action or second it could be a retaliatory action or it could be both. You need to consult an employment law attorney to discuss all the details of this problem. Good luck.


That is common law retaliation. It doesn't get much clearer than that in terms of a viable cause of action in the field of employment law.

How much money are you losing because of this? That is the biggest question as you decide whether or not you wish to sue your employer.

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This is retaliatory discharge for which you should contact a lawyer and sue.

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