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My boss cursed me out and got with in inches of my face yelling at me and chest bumps me is this illegal

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It is remotely possible that this created an unsafe work environment but it depends on why is was yelling. You should try and talk to an employment lawyer.
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Yelling might be OK, if you were doing something dangerous or counterproductive and he had to get your attention. Chest bumps and Fists are not appropriate unless you were initiating some kind of fight. If he caused you to think he was going to hit you, it is assault. If he did hit you, it is a battery. Either could be good reason for him to be terminated as your boss. You do not say anything about being injured, so I assume you were not. If I were you I would get ahold of his boss and have a polite conversation.

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Yelling is inappropriate in the work place, but it happens. Unless it is threatening or violates discrimination laws, mere yelling is generally not actionable. Chest bumps, however, or any other type of unwelcome touching, is not acceptable. Period. If you have a human resources department, I'd recommend reporting this incident. I'd also report it to your boss' supervisor, if he has one. His actions could be battery, assault or menacing.

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