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My boss came up behind me and slapped me on the back excessively hard and my co worker agreed ,he saw the incident

Burbank, CA |

my boss baught a machine over a year ago and it has been nothing but probllems she has been yelling and taking her frustrations out on me and now she excessively slapped me hard.

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In American English, “a slap on the back” is a congratulatory gesture. You don’t say whether your boss slack to excessively hard in the spirit of congratulations or whether your boss was angry and was beating you. Obviously, the former is acceptable while the latter is not. What is your question?

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I don't see a question here. If you are suggesting that you were unlawfully battered and have suffered some sort of injury as a result, you are living in a fantasy world. If you do not enjoy your workplace or cannot tolerate your seemingly horrible boss, now is the time to start looking for a new job elsewhere.


Unless she bruised you or broke a rib, you do not really have a WC problem. Even if she did bruise you or hurt your feelings, you do not have a strong WC problem. If you are unhappy with the environment, the best choice for you is the procurement of a better job at a better company. Everything else is going to be more trouble than reward.

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