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My bf got arrested 'cause he had a warrant for violating parole.

Mcallen, TX |

He's being held in Texas and is being extradited to Utah. Is there anything I can do? He signed a waiver and he had his first hearing here in TX where they read him his charges. He's gonna have another hearing once he gets to Utah.

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You can hire an attorney in Utah. Once Utah has the hold and begins he extradition process there is nothing you can do. If they do not extradite him within a certain period of time you are entitled to relief though.

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You can hire an attorney in Utah to represent him at his parole hearing. That's about it.

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I agree with Mrs. Jaggers. You need to start researching an attorney licensed in Utah that practices criminal law. He has signed a waiver to be extradited. If this is a parole warrant then he needs someone to represent him during the parole revocation hearing. If he is indigent and qualifies the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Utah will appoint an attorney to represent him.

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