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My bank statement that I filed with my ch 7 bankrupcy says I have $50.00 and then I found out an $11.00 check had not been clear

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My bank statement of $50.00 that I filed with my ch 7 bankrupcy is going to be short $11.00 for a check that had not cleared. Will the trustee expect me to have the $11 to pay when I get to the hearing?Am I in trouble because of this ?

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No. Don't worry about it. See my tag on your previous question.

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In my community, unless you have at least $1,000 in property that isn't exempt, the trustee will not bother to take it, as the cost to admnister the money and pay it out to each of the creditors doesn't make taking the money worthwhile. However, it may be different in your community, so you should cooperate with anything the trustee requires.

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When debtors are filing pro se, things like this are bound to happen. It's very unlikely that the Trustee would seek the additional $11. It's not worth the extra work it would cause for
him/her. Also, you don't bring money to your 341 hearing. A typical hearing entails the Trustee verifying the information that you provided in your Schedules.