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My bank is trying to wrongfully accuse me of fraud, what are my options?

Chicago, IL |

My bank card was lost one evening, I was unaware of this until the next morning when my bank called to alert me of suspicious activity ( I dont have a car yet there were multiple out of state fuel purchases ) . I was told that it was being taken care of. Some days later I'm told that I'm being summoned to court, and that I should have filed a police report ( I was thinking at that time that it was being resolved, so why file a report. The bank would handle it since they knew that it was fraud... or so i figured) During this time my health was failing me, and I was in and out of the hospital every other day. So going to the police station was not of much priority. The bank also took the 1000 of savings (in the same account) I did have to put that toward the negative balance.

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It was your responsibility to report the loss of your card.. However, you may still be entitled to relief. Go speak in person with a consumer debt attorney or a lawyer with experience handling identity theft. There is little we can do here to help you as this is a simple online Q&A forum and your problem is too complex for sufficient help here.


It sounds like you want to know if you are obligated to cover the wrongful charge from your savings. I agree that you need to talk to someone to get a more informed answer. Generally, though, you need to be a self-advocate. Write everything down, send it or email it to the bnk, and keep a copy. If your card was stolen (not lost) it is not too late to file a police report. Good luck!

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