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Hi , I had a car accident on 5-2-14, i had full coverage during time of accident.500 deductible, collision. the company called Esurance. i was driving on free way. there was big box fall in off big truck. hit my headlight . fender hood. right side of my benz, after 30 minutes i reported to my insurance. after the adjuster looked my car and give me APPRAISAL $ 3000 TO FIX MY CAR. AFTER THAT I GOT A LETTER FROM INSURANCE , "TITLE RESERVATION OF RIGHT" FOLLOWING INFORMATION
1.MY complete and unaltered cell phone records for the month of May.
2.MY employer's name, address and direct manager's name and phone number.
3. MY ' work schedule for the week of 05/03/2014.
4. MY complete, unaltered bank records for the month of May
5. Proof that repairs from MY PREVIOUS ACCIDENT

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They're looking to get out of liability.

Cell Phone - to blame you and hopefully to raise your rate the next time.
Employer - to see if employer is liable for the damages due to you driving during work "in theory"
Work Schedule - same as above
Bank Records - to see if you're in need of money for insurance fraud
Proof of Repairs - insurance fraud

You see, your insurance company sees this an legitimate questions. What would I do? ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND GET A NEW INSURANCE COMPANY. IF you don't answer them, they'll deny you coverage.

Insurance Companies are the absolute devil.


Ms Simmons is correct that your insurer is looking for reasons they will not be liable for the damages, but you should never just hand over all of your information without looking at your policy first. Does your policy have a clause which would allow the insurer to ask for all of this information during the claims process? The answer is probably "Yes," as insurers allow themselves plenty of room to investigate a claim thoroughly. However, you also have a Constitutional right to privacy, and you can assert that these items are not relevant to determine liability under your specific situation. i.e. The phone records (and whether you were on the phone or not during the accident) are not relevant because the accident was determined to be unavoidable and not your fault. i.e. Your bank records are private and have absolutely no bearing upon the facts and liability of the accident....

Whatever is in the police report may be helpful in supporting your claim to a right to privacy in your phone and work records.

I hope this gives you a good start. You may want to contact an attorney to call or write your insurer a letter and assert your privacy rights. Never just assume they have the right to everything they ask for. Good luck!


They are pushing their luck. I would absolutely not have my client produce bank records. Review your policy and make sure you have no coverage issue. It seems like you had a previous accident, and there may be an issue that your insurance company is trying to figure out. But whatever it is bank records are invasive. Good luck.


Usually the insurance company will do anything to get out of paying a claim. Bank records have nothing at all to do with this. You may have to speak with an attorney. Best of luck.

*This information should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.

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