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My autistic son lives with his mom in nj and turns 18 next month and she will get 100% of legal guardianship

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Can I be relieved of all child support because he will be emancipated next month and when I stop paying child support the SSI benefit will replace it. we have in the agreement that when she gets ssi we deduct that from child support when he turns 18 but he won't qualify for ssi if I keep paying child support. Can I stop paying child support when he reached 18 next month and then she files the ssi form with no child support

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No, you still have to pay child support. In addition, for the sake of discussion, you could not just decide to stop paying child support, only a Court Order ending your obligation would allow you to stop paying child support. The fact that he is going to get SSI has nothing to do with your support obligations. From the facts you state, it seems he is incapable of living on his own.

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You cannot stop paying child support until the court allows you to stop. You can try to make an application to the court, however the child simply turning 18 is not enough.

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