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My attorney wants to file for Uninsured Motorist from my own insurance. What happen if I want to do? Will my ins. get cancel ?

Fort Worth, TX |

I involved the auto accident, and later turned out the other person canceled their insurance 2 months before the accident happened. I have auto and home insurane together and it's hard to find the insurance to cover my home.

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Your homeowner's coverage won't apply to this loss, but your auto policy will if you have uninsured motorist coverage (UM). Talk to a lawyer to make sure that the other driver really was not insured and to see if you have UM coverage. If you use your UM coverage, your premiums should not go up (you pay extra to carry UM coverage). Good luck.


When you make a UM claim, your own carrier has the right to use all defenses that the other driver may have had against you. Many people make the mistake that they will be treated better by their own insurance company. This simply is not true. Your carrier will be allowed to assert all defenses available to the at-fault driver, and the carrier almost always does. A UM claim therefore essentially creates an adversarial relationship between you and your own insurance carrier. Thus, it may be wise to retain experienced counsel when asserting a UM claim. As can be expected, your own carrier will NOT be looking out for your interests (even though you are its own insured!). Instead, your carrier will be looking for ways to pay out as little money as possible.

However, you purchase UM coverage for events such as these, and it should not change your premium.

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If accident with an at fault driver who failed to pay their car insurance and let the policy lapse, then you qualify for an uninsured motorist claim against your own policy. Even if you insurance company cancels you, there is still coverage for the loss. Filing a UM claim is the best move in the case and likely the only practical option.

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Um claims are extremely common, and insurance companies are used to them, so I would worry about it, and let your attorney handle this.


In Texas, the homestead laws make the majority of people judgment proof. SO, yes you could go after the other driver, but in many cases the judgment would not be worth the paper it is written on. That is exactly why you buy uninsured motorist coverage--to protect you when others are irresponsible Yes, you should consider going after your UM coverage.

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