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My attorney misrepresented me with wrong advice and had me sign something that wasn't right!

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How do I go about suing my attorney for not representing me to the best of their availability and not presenting or using my evidence?
I signed an order thinking it was what had been ruled upon in court only to find out later that everything had been changed and things were added and removed without my consent nor the Judges ruling. Is there anything I can do about having the order changed back to what it was supposed to be or is my signature the end of the line even though I thought I was signing a different document?

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Is this a divorce or custody order? It is not unusual for the court to not expressly rule on every issue from the bench, Usually, the lawyers work with each other to hammer out those details. You should be included in that process, of course.

I don't see how you signed something that was different than what you thought is was. Did you read it? If not, why not?

It will be hard for you to make a claim when you agreed in writing. But, you can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab above to locate a local attorney to evaluate your case.

Good luck


The best thing you can do is speak to another attorney who handles the same practice area. Ask him/her if your lawyer messed up, and if so, whether anything can be done about it. Legal malpractice cases are actually extremely rare, because you need to be able to prove (a) the lawyer violated the legal standard of care which (b) resulted in significant damages. You also need to be able to prove that the result in the underlying case would have been different but for what the lawyer did.

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