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My attorney keeps ignoring me.

Sumter, SC |

I have been dealing with my attorney for almost 4 years now. This is a small case from a car accident. It was the other persons fault and my hospital bills were $1000. I have called hundreds of times and I always got the run around. When I did happen to talk to him he would say the insurance company wasnt giving him a good offer and he'd call me back. This man has never once called me. So finally last Friday he answered the phone, put me on hold for a half hour, then said my insurance company paid hospital bills and he'd send a check for $1200 and the release papers. I said ok just because I'm tired of dealing with this guy. I know a small case like this should not have taken so long.. should I have reported him? I feel like he didn't do his job very well with my case.

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the bothersome thing about the facts that you have stated is that he apparently settled the case without your permission. It might have been the right settlement for you but settling without your permission is a no no.

I'd probably just move on if I were you. You'll spend some emotional energy filing a bar complaint. There are attorney rating sites out there, (like this one, where you can make comments. But please be scrupulously accurate. Don't defame. Don't stretch the truth.

But sure, sites like are made so that others can learn from your experience.


I concur with the other contributor. Perhaps you might consider writing the attorney a letter, similar to what you have done here, and ask him to comment. Based upon his response, or lack of, you might have more guidance as to how you would like to proceed.

Jeffrey Mark Adams

Jeffrey Mark Adams


Would like to add all attorneys have situations that are difficult for various reasons. While none of us are perfect and clearly I have made my share of malaprops and errors, it is prudent and responsible for an attorney to act with courtesy and professionalism.


My experience is that communication, or lack thereof, is usually the key. Would suggest you write a letter to your attorney requesting a sit down in person meeting to completely review your file. If you are not satisfied with your attorneys answers to all of your questions in this meeting you certainly can terminate his/her representation of you and get your file and take it to another attorney. However, in my experience, a sit down meeting usually does the trick.

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